Diseases are the result of the body’s reaction to intoxication
— Dr .Hans Reckeweg


Definition of A homotoxin

A homotoxin is any substance or energetic interference that is toxic to the human organism.



What is the ultimate purpose of homotoxicology?

Reactivation of the Mesenchyme


HNT 6 steps of detoxification to reestablish health:

All steps in this process are monitored with EAV testing.

Step 1

  • Open all pathways for systemic drainage (ECM)
  • Enzyme & colon health, Infra-red Saunas

Step 2

  • Detoxification of the liver/gall bladder & biliary tree
  • Stabilize adrenal glands & Detoxify the kidneys

Step 3

  • Identify & address homotoxins: exogenous & endogenous
  • Constitutional & miasms, endo, neuro, immuno modulation

Step 4

  • Electromagnetic stress, Imponderables
  • Geopathic stress ,Wi-Fi, Powerlines,Cell phones

Step 5

  • Household allergens, molds, fungus & dust
  • Radon gas

Step 6

  • Environmental, rain water & tap water, well water
  • Air pollutants, all are continuously updated.

— Jeff Sorna DiHom

Thank you for taking the time to review this, please don’t start a detoxification without guidance from a qualified practioner. EAV/EDS is the most effective way to monitor your progress. The first three steps of the program are not interchangeable.