“When a person falls ill, it is only this spiritual, self acting (automatic) vital force, everywhere present in his organism that is primarily deranged by the dynamic influence upon it of a morbific agent inimical to life.”  Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843)

Dear Clients,

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our new Electro remedy.  It represents many years of research into the science of radionics, the proven principles of homeopathic isopathy (the law of sameness) and years of experience in the energy industry.  Years of energetic testing and observations have made it very apparent that the human condition is heavily influenced by electro magnetic energy.  This energy is antagonistic to all living organisms on the face of the earth.  The electro remedy has been formulated to help offset the continuous exposure to these disruptive energies and help to keep the human or animal’s delicate system in homeostasis. Electro remedy addresses microwaves, 60HZ, wifi, cell phones, computer screens, smart meters, x-ray and imponderables.

Electro 1.1 Vial

All HNT remedies are handmade. Place vial or Quartz Carrier crystal anywhere on the body.  For optimum performance it should be worn as a necklace.  When possible leave this remedy in the sunlight.    Although it is recommended to be used as a necklace it should be known that you may carefully transfer the contents of the vial into a more esthetically pleasing medium such as a perfume vial or similar vessel. However, the performance at that point cannot be verified or guaranteed since it is possible to corrupt the energetic status of the solution.

The Electro solution is tried and true in its performance.  This has been verified by many practitioners of Electral Dermal Screening, NRT (Nutrition Response Testing) Heart Rate Variability and Applied Kinesiology.  The Electro vial can also be used to carry other energetic information and can be custom tailored for the individual.  This is highly recommended but must be done by an approved practitioner and should be updated every three months.

Crystal Pendent Carrier

The newest member of the electro family is (Ariel).  This energetic pattern is for offsetting the toxic assault coming from the sky and general environment.  It also contains elements from processed water supplies.

Field Notes:  When using Ariel it is highly recommended that homeopathic drainage remedies ( homotoxicology) be utilized in conjunction with Ariel.  It is important to make sure all pathways for systemic drainage are clarified and open to help toxins exit the body.  Always find a qualified practitioner to help you with the detoxification process.  It must be done in the proper steps to avoid complications.  Also for kinesiology practitioners, please call for special testing procedures.  Do not use resonance test vials as they often interfere with Electro.

Instructions for use of Electro & Ariel:  Always wear your necklace when working with or around electronic devices.  If you live in a highly populated area, consider wearing Electro most of the time but try to take a break from it and electronic devices, including cell phones, one or two days a week.  Never keep the phone on your body. Please note these products are available through qualified healthcare professionals only.

Jeffrey S. Sorna DiHom


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