It has come to my attention that many children are now taking acid blockers for gastro reflux.

We know now that babies and toddlers have limited enzyme production which means they cannot digest particular foods. Other than the enzyme lactase, used in the digestion of breast milk, a child’s gut cannot assimilate/digest carbohydrates of any kind until approximately 28 months. So let me lead you on a story to more easily explain this dilemma.

 For whatever reason, (not because there are BAD mom’s out there) baby is born and Mom cannot breastfeed. Mom tries very hard to find a healthy alternative to breast milk and/or follows the advice of a practitioner and gives baby formula. The proper enzymes for digestion are not present in the formula. Baby/toddler starts to show signs of colic. Baby is given gas reducing products to help ease babies issues. These products contain seriously harmful ingredients. Baby continues to have gastro disturbances and now sleep issues. The formula does not have the vital components to build the digestive tract for life. Often it is recommended that baby is fussy because baby is hungry, so add cereal. Well we know from research that baby cannot digest a carbohydrate. Baby is given cereal and this seems to help for a while because baby is now sleeping again, whew. Baby is now sleeping because it’s body is so bogged down by it’s inability to digest carbohydrates that it is exhausted. Think about how you feel when you combine way too many kinds of food at Thanksgiving and may overeat and want to take a nap yourself. Same thing. Now remember, even though a baby may tolerate this process and not show signs of reflux does not mean it is any less damaging to their gut and it’s lifetime development. Remember, we only get one gut and it’s responsible for so much more about good health than we knew before. Let’s continue. Now baby starts to spit up and become irritated again. Occasionally there is a general fussiness and crying involved. Mom returns to a practitioner that recommends the child be tested for gastro reflux. First off, how can the child have gastro reflux when there isn’t sufficient acid made from the liver until between 6-12 months of age? The child is experiencing symptoms, like most adults, of insufficient levels or an imbalance of stomach acid. The burning comes from the stomach’s inability to digest the food. The food is sitting in a whole state, in the stomach, for too long, which will lead to an irritation. It is recommended that baby go on an acid blocker. Let’s look over information from last month’s article from the Westin A. Price Foundation. “Foods introduced too early can cause digestive troubles and increase the likelihood of allergies (particularly to those foods introduced). The baby's immature digestive system allows large particles of food to be absorbed. If these particles reach the bloodstream, the immune system mounts a response that leads to an allergic reaction.”

So, we give baby acid blocking medication but long term this will create many other illnesses down the road and most usually lead to an increase in colds, flu's, bronchial infections, breathing treatments, allergies and asthma. Now we’ve got the immune system under full attack. We have never before had such sick children. Read Jeff’s article on page one, this is the future for these children. Children will not just grow out of this. Adults with acidosis on acid blockers struggle with inflammation, heartburn, arthritis and more. We have to wake up like the warrior Mothers we are called to be and realize that there is a connection between the food we serve our children and their health. This is a difficult task. I make several trips a month to farmer’s markets, health food stores, natural meat vendors, etc. I wash more dishes than I care to share and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. But I have learned how to embrace this as part of my calling, my ministry, not resent this. We moved my daughter’s play kitchen into ours (ha, which is pretty tight already). We pretend cook together, we make it fun. We talk about food that is alive and makes us feel alive when we eat it and food that may taste good but makes our tummy’s feel yucky when we eat it. I hope you read this and feel empowered. I hope you feel a calling to this. Our children look to us. I am far from perfect myself but I hope you will join me in stating, “The buck stops here!” If God didn’t make it, try to eat less of it. Hang in there, try your best and stay tuned!

For more info go to and click on children’s health. Jeff Sorna has had great success in helping children build their gut health. Go see Jeff, you’ll see the results! Nanette Lutz, DiHom is a graduate of the Institute of Natural Health Sciences. She is a Mom, Wife, Homeopath, Myomassologist and Reiki Practitioner that resides in Roseville, MI. Contact her at