The world today has presented us with many obstacles and challenges. Don’t worry, get educated!
I am pleased to announce the opening of the HNT Natural Health and Education Center. The center will offer classes in the following areas: homeopathic first aid, holistic nutrition, the detoxification sequence, the use of low level lasers, advanced homeopathy and tissue mineral analysis. Other topics will include the use of supplements and homeopathy to help prevent and balance chronic conditions and addressing electromagnetic effects on our health.

When you become a member of the study group you will have access to the highest quality supplements, homeopathics and clinical insight from my personal experiences over the last ten years and thousands of hours of clinical time. This is all about empowering yourself to take control of your health, cut through all the disinformation out there and learn how easy it can be to help yourself and family members. I will help you to build a holistic first aid kit and teach you how to use it effectively. I will also be bringing in guest speakers on all subjects. Please contact Jeffrey Sorna to register for the first session.