Natrum Phosphoricum – Homeopathic Remedy

September 17, 2015By HNTherapeuticsHomeopathy, Remedy

Nat Phos is homeopathically prepared sodium phosphate. This remedy is excellent for conditions arising from excess lactic and uric acid. Conditions such as gout, indigestion, arthritis and hyper-acidity indicate this remedy. I use this remedy for all my new patients in a 3X potency. This remedy helps to balance the acidic terrain that most of us live with these … Read More

EAV vs. Random Generator Devices

August 30, 2015By HNTherapeuticsHomeopathy

I get asked questions about different devices and in many cases the questions are about “random generator devices” (RGD’s). Random, in this case, literally means the results are generated at random by the computer. When I say this I know that most people don’t understand what I am saying. I have a feeling they think … Read More

Kids and Acid Blockers

March 22, 2015By HNTherapeuticsHomeopathy

It has come to my attention that many children are now taking acid blockers for gastro reflux.We know now that babies and toddlers have limited enzyme production which means they cannot digest particular foods. Other than the enzyme lactase, used in the digestion of breast milk, a child’s gut cannot assimilate/digest carbohydrates of any kind … Read More

Digestion – The Gut

January 15, 2015By HNTherapeuticsHomeopathy

Most people that come into my clinic have digestive issues and it is at this point imbalances begin. These include: allergies; GERD; gout; arthritis, depression, insomnia, low cellular energy (voltage drop); and the list goes on and on.Much of this occurs from the lack of alkaline minerals in the foods that we eat. The element … Read More